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  • Regular and timely processing of accounting documents into records,

  • Ensuring the internal order and follow-up of the accounting personnel;

  • Providing timely and accurate financial reporting;

  • Providing more focus on branching of companies, ensuring regular flow of their internal networks;

  • Ensuring Tax Compliance of Companies;

  • Management of the payment and follow-up of Trade Receivables and Trade Payables in terms of financing the companies by interpreting the financial statements correctly;

  • Regularly providing current account reconciliations and FORM BA / FORM BS reconciliations, which are important in companies;

  • Ensuring that the statutory books are kept and organized in accordance with the Accounting Communiqué;

  • Ensuring that the Uniform Chart of Accounts, which is also important in companies, is arranged and operated in accordance with the principles of the communiqué;

  • Reconciliation of bank balances of period-end records and ensuring compliance of banks and companies;

  • Preparation of the required monthly or 3 (three) month declarations in accordance with the Tax Procedure Law, which is the basic law of the accounting profession, and providing timely data flow to the founders about the declarations.

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