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  • Calculation of net wages, deductions, tax costs of payroll services according to the information received from companies and preparation of necessary lists;

  • Giving direction by evaluating the costs of employers over the SGK with the founding partners in payrolling services according to the companies;

  • Salary and BES Payments, Work Accident & Incapacity Process Management

  • Transmitting the prepared payrolls and ballots to the payroll holders and making them official;

  • Managing the Digital Human Resources Module (Leave, Overtime, Advance, E-Payroll)

  • Managing Robotic Digital Processes (No E-debt, Recruitment, Dismissal)

  • Making and transmitting all kinds of compensation and wage calculations by obtaining the information and approval of the company officials in accordance with the legal regulations in the dismissal notices;

  • Preparation of personal files and other working information, keeping them in our office or in their place with the approval of company officials;

  • Annual leave tracking and keeping leave books in the light of information received from company officials;

  • Explaining and giving direction to employers and accounting personnel of the compulsory BES scope procedures;

  • Preparation, delivery and follow-up of the information and documents required to be submitted to the official offices;

  • Providing consultancy to companies on labor laws and practices, informing them about legal changes

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